Every year RC Deportivo renders a well-deserved tribute to award Gold Insignias to those supporters who have been Club members for 50 consecutive years. An emotional event that seeks to acknowledge the sentiment, loyalty and fidelity of Deportivo's social mass who have been members for over five decades. The recipients, in addition to the distinguished badge, receive a certified diploma and a gold card that gives the holder free access to all Deportivo matches in ABANCA-RIAZOR for life.

The delivery of Silver Badges distinguishes the 25-year-old Deportivista members who have unconditionally supported the Club. A special event for every member who celebrates their silver anniversary. The Club hosts this tribute every year with the attendance of RC Deportivo's highest representatives.

RC Deportivo also have platinum members, achieving 75 consecutive years of unconditional support for Dépor. They are Son Jaime Presas Carbajo (member number 1), José Pereira Revuelta (2), Manuel Soto Cousido (3), José Ramón Docal Labaen (4), Tomás Pulleiro Ríos (5), Emilio Quesada Zato (6) and Antonio López Iglesias (7).