Pepe Mel: “There’s no excuse for at least trying to perform well”

09/09/2017 13:28

Pepe Mel stated in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room this morning that “we’re working on an idea, an idea that has to stay in the team. Playing with an underlying style all year round. With the market closed, and all our players here, tomorrow is the first match to start seeing this (12 pm, Bein LaLiga). It’s an important test for us”.

Along these lines, he highlighted, “there’s no excuse for at least trying to perform well. The team is going to try and do so. Nevertheless, this is a game and there are things you can’t control. But Dépor has to come out and try to perform well with a clear style”.

He described what he wants for his team: “Two players up front, two in the wings for the one-on-ones, that give us criteria. If possible, two midfielders with different profiles, this week we’ll have it more difficult because of Celso and Fede (Valverde), and a defender that plays off by heart. However, the system can vary because of the rival’s conditions, because of situations on the pitch, because of things that you have to vary”.

Regarding Real Sociedad (tomorrow’s rival), Pepe Mel highlighted that “they play automatically, because they have had the same players and coach for a long time now. That is always a good thing, it doesn’t have any down sides”. “It’s all based on the three in the middle, Illarra, Xabi Prieto and Zurutuza are players that know each other blindfolded, and when one of those three are missing, for example last year here, Real notices it”, he added.

The Deportivista coach explained that Lucas Pérez, who has been listed, “needs some pre-season time, which he hasn’t had. We cannot risk losing Lucas in the first match. That would be dreadful. We need Lucas for the whole year, not for the match against Real Sociedad”.

He warned that “number 7 (Lucas’ squad number) has come to help. He's come to make us better. We can’t base everything around him, we can’t put everything on him. This is a group, it’s a team. We are 25 professional players as well as the Fabril players, who are here to help and do well this year”.

Speaking about Celso Borges and Fede Valverde, who have just come back from playing with their national teams, he said, “they are important players that have come from competing, from doing well with their teams. They have come come with a good self-esteem, uplifted. They can help us. Borges has arrived fitter than Fede. That’s down to experience”.

He confirmed Tytoń will be the goalkeeper: “Common sense, fairness and many things tell me Tytoń has to play. I’m very happy with Pantilimon’s signing. He is a keeper that also increases our level. The competitiveness is going to be good. I wanted something to be done there, beyond the fact I don’t like why it came about. Rubén had a fantastic game against Levante and he was becoming stronger in his position”.

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