A bittersweet point for Domingos Duarte and Carlos Fernández

06/01/2019 20:52

Domingos Duarte and Carlos Fernández spoke to the press in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone. Both agreed that the draw against Lugo is “bittersweet.”

The Portuguese centre-back stated that the draw was bittersweet because “we came out to win.” “At least we’ve gained a point, which is the next best thing,” he stated.

“We knew it was going to be complicated because of their characteristics and skills,” he highlighted.

Domingos was happy that at least “we only conceded one or two chances.” “We have to continue defending like that and improve in attack, he said.

Carlos Fernández explained that he ended the match “with the sensation that we could’ve come out with more.”

“We knew Lugo were going to make it complicated for us, they’re the team that have conceded the fewest goals away,” “If you don’t finish the opportunities you create and you're not effective, well, you leave like in this case with only one point.”

Regarding the bad streak of results in the last weeks, the Andalusian striker said, “there are complicated moments in this tier which every team goes through, so we have to believe in this idea more than ever.”

About returning to the team he said, “the injury is in the past, now I have to gain full-speed as soon as possible.”