Adrián: “We have to keep improving and we're on it”

28/08/2017 20:27

Adrián López was the centre of attention in Abegondo’s press room at midday.

With 1 point out of 6 that have been played, he said, “the first league match against Real Madrid was very complicated. Even losing 0-3 I think we did well, we competed. And the match the other day (in Valencia) we were 0-2 up, then they turned things around. Away is very complicated. Gaining points is always important. We have to keep improving and we're on it”.

He admitted that after the match at the Ciutat de València “we were annoyed. You’re winning 0-2 with one more player, and in the end when they draw, it’s irritating. We have to try not to let these things happen. If we’re lucky to have an advantage in the match, we have to seal it, not let them create chances. And if we have another chance of scoring to be calmer, that’s the objective. It didn’t go that way the other day”.

Adrián warned that “there are many away games that are going to be tough. Sometimes you can’t play like you want. That’s the way it is. What’s important is for team to gain points when there are games like that”.

On a personal level, the Asturian striker feels “better each day. Every training, every minute I’ve played is good for me. They’re my first match minutes. I feel better each day”.

Asked about Rubén, who had an outstanding performance in Valencia, he stated “they gave him work and he responded well. He made a few important saves. Not just Rubén and I, everyone has to improve. This has just begun. It's obvious that the team has to carry on improving, all of us have to carry on improving. That is everyone’s objective”.

After having begun on the wing against Levante, and finish as a striker when Florin Andone came off, Adrián explained, “I’ve played up front more often. Without being a number ‘9’ because I like to have certain mobility and open towards the wings, I have to be available for what the coach wants from me. I have to perform my best in whatever position for the good of the team”.

The Branquiazul striker emphasized that “you can’t always play as you like, because it depends a bit on who you’re facing”. However, he does expect the team “to keep the ball when they have the option of doing so, the longer the better. And it’s obvious that it’s always important to know your opponent’s strengths and where you can hurt them”.

Finally, regarding the transfer window and Lucas Pérez, Adrián said, “we don’t know anything other than what you publish (the press). We don’t know whether it’s going to happen or not. I think the team is more focused on the matches we’re playing, on what we’re doing. We have to train. Then, if Lucas can come, it will be good news for everyone”.

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