Adrian: “We only have win, win, and win in our heads”

11/04/2018 20:52

This afternoon, ahead of Saturday’s clash against Athletic Club in San Mames (8:45 pm, Bein LaLiga), Adrian stated that the team is “very enthusiastic, with a lot of strength after last week’s home win, which was very important. We finally achieved it. It has to give us strength to face the following matches.”

He highlighted that the victory at the ABANCA-RIAZOR against Malaga “was significant because it gives you that extra mental strength you need when you’re in a complicated situation, like the one we’re in.”

He pointed out, “we currently meet the 3 requirements: fitness, tactics and mindset. These are 3 things we control and they’re important to face this final stage of the league.”

However, he is realistic and admitted “with the moment we’re in, we need to win. At the end of the day, every match is different, and you never know if a point is good or not. It’s obvious we need to win, and in our heads we’re going out to win.”

The Branquiazul forward believes that it this stage of the competition “we're thinking about ourselves and doing what we can without thinking about anyone else. It’s evident that other things can happen. We’ve reached a point in which we have to focus on ourselves, try to win the most amount of matches we possible can from here to the end. We only have win,win, and win in our heads.”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf, Adrian assured that “in the most difficult moments where it can bring you down, he doesn’t let that happen for one second, he’s always cheering us up, always giving us strength. He’s conveyed that since the first day, in every training session and then in every match.”

He reminded everyone that “there are still many points left. If we're able to achieve back-to-back wins, I’m sure we’re going to get closer (to Levante). That’s what we have to try and do. Whilst the option is there, that’s the option we have until the end. And hopeful that we can remain in first.”

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