Aketxe and Borja Galán admitted the team has to improve defence-wise

01/09/2019 20:37

Ager Aketxe and Borja Galán spoke to the press in Vallecas' mixed zone.

The Basque midfielder, tonight's goalscorer, stated that "the team began doing things well. We scored the first goal very early. But, in the end, we're very fragile in our box. And when you're not solid there, you pay the price."

He is aware, like the rest of the team, that "we have to improve" in defence. "The process is long and we'll work on it," he concluded.

Along the same line as Juan Antonio Anquela in the press room, Aketxe stated, "we had good moments where, in the end, we were unable to finish some of the chances we had, especially in the second half. Then again, we were weak in our box and we conceded the third goal."

The striker warned that "if we want to be at the top, we have to reduce the number of goals we concede. In the end, it's work, it's a long process, and we have to trust the team."

He urged people not to jump the gun: "We're aware that we have to improve things and from there on things will surely get better."

On the other hand, Borja Galán, who made it into the starting eleven at the last minute substituting Samuele Longo, stressed that "the goal we conceded from a dead-ball situation (the 1-1) did a lot of damage. And the second goal before half-time too. In the second half, we improved. At times, we deserved a draw. It didn't happen that way. And then that third goal at the end killed us."

Out of the conceded goals, the player emphasized that "it's not just a problem in defence, it's more to do with the general structure of the team. We have to be self-critical, see where we're failing and correct it now that we still can."

He admitted that the sensations in these two consecutive departures to Huesca and Vallecas, "haven't been at all positive. But there's still a lot of time left, we've played 3 fixtures and we'll rise to the occasion."

Borja Galán says that the Branquiazuis "are aware of the badge we wear on the front of our shirts. We're the first ones affected by these two games. We're already looking forward to playing at the ABANCA-RIAZOR on Saturday, wanting to turn things around, get a victory that clears things up with everyone."

On Saturday's clash against Albacete, he commented that "every weekend we'll face a tough rival. But we're playing at home, it has to be noticeable. ABANCA-RIAZOR is the ABANCA-RIAZOR and you have to be tough."