Álex highlighted that "this can go any way" and Quique is "optimistic from the word go"

04/03/2019 23:46

RC Deportivo captain Álex Bergantiños and Quique González, who scored a brace tonight, were the centre of attention in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone.

The Coruña midfielder described the match as “very intense against a team who already gave us a hard time the first time round. In the end, we let the points slip.”

Álex Bergantiños urges everyone “to be as calm as possible. Know that after this month, no matter what happens, there are still 10 more games left. This can go any way. We have to think about the next game. Try to recover and cheer up.”

He stressed, “there’s still time and we have the possibility to turn this situation around and go back to winning ways.”

On the other hand, Quique González confessed, "we’re upset. We must be optimistic, positive; I am from this very moment. We’re not having much luck. In the last matches, the rival has two chances or one, and scores. And the goalkeeper plays their best match of the season. We’re going to fight against everything. Positive and optimistic from the word go!”

The Deportivista striker insisted, “We have no choice but to pick ourselves up. We’re going to do it. There are still many games and points left. We have another important game on Sunday which we want to win.”

He explained that “the minutes you’re in the dressing room before coming out here, you’re really down. But you go home and you have to be optimistic from the word go!”