Alex y Carlos Fernandez highlighted the unity between the team and the supporters

12/10/2018 23:51

Captain Alex Bergantiños and Carlos Fernandez were the centre of attention in ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

The Coruña midfielder stated that one of the objectives since the pre-season was to "re-unite the supporters and the team. For the people to feel engaged when they came to ABANCA-RIAZOR. We're going to have better or worse games, but we're achieving this."

Alex highlighted that the fans are seeing "a united group that works in benefit of the whole Club. It's the first stone to achieve the promotion."

Asked about Carlos Fernandez, he replied, "he's a wonderful guy. He's working a lot in the training sessions. He gives us a lot in attack and in defence, and he deserved it."

Tonight's star, Carlos Fernandez, said "I'm happy because we gained the 3 points. It was a slightly tricky game, difficult, against a rival whose points don't actually reflect their game. The first half was very complicated, they left very little space. Strategy opened up spaces. The second half was calmer because of the goals."

He thanked "the people that support me in the good times and in the bad. Sevilla is one of them because they were always there and helped me through my injuries."

He recalled he scored a hat-trick with Sevilla Atletico in Segunda Division B, and today, defending Dépor's colours,  his second. He higlights the crowd's support "because they play a fundamental role in our home games to achieve wins, and be strong here. Thank them loads because they were amazing tonight."