Andone stated, “I believe one hundred per cent in this group, in everyone here to pull this off”

06/03/2018 19:43

Florin Andone was the centre of attention in Abegondo this afternoon.

The Branquiazul striker reminded everyone that there are 11 league matches left until the end of the competition: “I’m going to say the same. I believe one hundred per cent in this group, in everyone here to pull this off. Because we’re going to pull it off. I’m not saying it for the sake of it.”

Andone explained, “we're working a lot, there’s a lot of potential. If we polish up little things, I’m sure we’ll get out of this situation.”

He assured that rather than checking out what the rivals are doing to stay, his main concern is “Deportivo. We have to try and make more points than our rivals to climb out of there. In the end what you can do is work and try to pull this off. But what Las Palmas, Malaga or Levante do is out of your hands.”

He admitted, “it's not easy playing in this situation, knowing you’re in the relegation zone, that your team needs help from those above, for them to mark the difference a little. At the end of the day, you're under a little pressure. The whole season is in play and it’s the whole group’s responsibility, not just me, Adrian or Lucas, but the whole squad. We're in a situation we know we have to get out of full-stop. We have to win every game full-stop. You’re always a little extra nervous when you go out to play, but it’s football.”

He does not cower, in fact, he warned, “in these situations the real men have to come out, and the ones with big balls have to pull this off. It’s like that. If you can’t handle the pressure, don’t play. But we all can. We’re professionals from head to toes and I’m sure we're going to pull this off. People are chipping in and everyone is very dedicated.”

He emphasized, “whoever carries on working and whoever keeps on looking, gets the reward in the end. And we’re going to look for it until the end and it will be ours.”

For this reason, last Saturday against Eibar “I was very proud of my teammates because they gave their all, a very good attitude, with 10 players, there was nothing to throw in anyone’s face, incredible. The sensations we had at the end of the game were that we gave our all, we put ourselves in each other’s place, and we worked and helped. That is the way. I’m sure we’re going to win soon and make the necessary points to get out of there.”

Asked about his reaction when he was substituted in the last match, he confessed “I’ve been wrong many times because of my character. But it’s all been sorted, understood and cleared out. I hope not do to do it again because it’s disrespectful to the coach and my teammates. I was completely fired up because I wanted to help, be there and try until the end. You don’t think about anything else. Then, analysing it when I had cooled down, I was wrong and have spoken to who I needed to speak with. I apologised.”

Regarding the match against Eibar, he highlighted the “4 clear chances in 30 minutes. Everything we worked for during the week paid off and the was convinced we were going to win. We spoke about it afterwards in the dressing room. We felt very superior, especially in the first half, until the sending off. The sending off modifies the system and you have to change everything. We spoke with one another and we played very well the first minutes, very confident, with criteria, reaching the opponent’s box, and creating chances...”

Asked about Clarence Seedorf and his work method, he explained, “at the end of the day, the team needed a complete change because the dynamic was negative. It’s still negative but I think it’s improved a lot. The team has found that little extra it needed. The coach as a player played I don’t know how many games, almost 1,000 matches, and he’s won everything he’s won. We completely respect everything he decided, the groups he trains, when he trains, the times we train, hotels, trips...everything. He decides, he commands, we respect him and what we want is to try and be there to get out of this situation and pull this off. At the end of the day, there isn’ anyone here that justifies this or goes against it. He’s the trainer, he’s the boss, and we train when he says.”

Andone added, “we’re specifically working a lot on our position lines. As a striker, I value all the advice he (Seedorf) gives me, the movements I make, the pauses I have to do. All I need to do is get it in, because I have the chances to do so.”

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