#ANosaHistoria (Our History): All of Dépor’s shirts since 1939, in 3D, on rcdeportivo.es/en

15/02/2018 13:36

One of our constant goals is to promote our history, thus, RC Deportivo has gathered all the Branquiazul strips since 1939, and has recreated each and every one of them into 3D versions, which you can see in chronological order on our website: https://www.rcdeportivo.es/en/rcdeportivo/kit.

Up until now, you could see all our kits from 1967 to our current one. The Club has taken a huge leap back in time and has worked hard these past months to recreate the kits used from 1939 to 1967, taking care of all the fine details. In fact, in 1967 Deportivo recovered the wide stripes it had worn for the last time in 1939, the first season after the Spanish Civil War.

The next and most complicated step to close the circle, is to recover and recreate the rest of the kits. From the very first one in 1906, the grey and black one that was used last season to commemorate the Club’s 110th anniversary, to the ones that Deportivo wore in the few matches that were played during the war, as well as those substitute kits before 1994, as those after are already on the website.