Anquela: "It's very important to start winning"

18/08/2019 21:05

Juan Antonio Anquela stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR 's press room that "it's very important to start winning", regarding today's victory against Real Oviedo; the first of the 2019-20 season.

The Deportivista coach admitted that the team lacked "fresh ideas and a calmer mindset in the last yards. We missed good chances and cocked up good moves because we were precipitate. And what I liked the most is that we tried until the end. This is Second Division, and whoever doesn't want to understand this is not rowing in the same direction. If you think you're going to win a match with ease in Second Division, then you're mistaken. We have to work like today and be as lucky as we were today."

Rather than focus on individual performances, Anquela highlighted "the team's overall performance. We were a very serious team in the first half. However, in the second half...there were many games in the one match. When we had it easier, it got complicated. And when we had it difficult, we were lucky enough to bring it home."

On the other hand, Sergio Egea, Oviedo's coach, stated, "We came to a difficult ground and competed very well. We did what we promised, for our team to be tough to beat in every ground, we did well. Football is about goals and the difference was in Deportivo's precision."