Bakkali highlights the role of Dépor youth players like Francis and Edu Expósito

05/10/2017 22:47

Zakaria Bakkali, Francis and Edu Expósito spoke to the press in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s mixed zone, after the 19th edition of the Moncho Rivera Memorial.

Bakkali highlighted that the victory was “important” for the team’s confidence because “we won and we played well”.

The Belgian international highlighted Corinthian’s youth and Dépor’s youth players: “Very good. They play like us”.

Our Nigerian goalkeeper, Francis, who lined up for Deportivo tonight, said, “I’m very happy. I don’t have anything else to say”.

He stated his first save in the match, a one-on-one with Carlinhos, gave him “confidence. It was the first action. It was a good save. And it gave me more confidence”.

However, he emphasized that his role in Deportivo “doesn’t change after this match”. In fact, he said he does not know “what people think of me. For me, the situation is the same”:

Nonetheless, he expressed his desire to become the first team's goalkeeper one day, although “at the moment I’m thinking about developing as a player and learning”.

Finally, Edu Expósito described his magnificent goal: “I chipped it just over the defender. I tried to shoot and I kicked it with my weaker foot”.

Along these lines, he said, “I like playing in the box. Now I’m playing further back, but when get to the box I like to shoot”.

He believes his participation in the first team is a “reward” for his work, and he admitted “I work every week to be ready to play. But it’s the coach that decides”.

Tonight, against Corinthians, Edu Expósito explained “I played in a more fixed position and Çolak had more freedom to dominate the ball and thread passes”.

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