Borges and Schär took part in a charity event in Marineda City

27/10/2017 20:13

Dépor players Celso Borges and Fabian Schär took part in Marineda City’s charity event, Marineda GO. The event took place in the shopping centre’s sports area on the first floor, where DéporTienda is located.

The Branquiazuis visit, had two objectives. The first, to donate sports equipment on behalf of Real Club Deportivo to the NGO, ‘RED Deporte y cooperación’. The equipment donated by Dépor, along with everything else donated by citizens who go this week to Marineda City, will be delivered to the NGO’s projects around the world.

Both players, accompanied by Marineda City directors and RC Deportivo's Commercial Director, Ignacio Dopico, took the Club’s donation to the collection box.

Then, the centre-back and midfielder signed autographs and took photos with the fans in the sports hall, in Marineda City's first floor, just opposite DéporTienda.

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