Borja Galán: "We’re Deportivo and the objective is clear"

15/08/2019 13:37

Borja Galán spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning.

The Branquiazul forward believes that Deportivo's objective for LaLiga SmartBank which begins on Sunday against Real Oviedo (6pm), is "unquestionable. We have to fight for the promotion. We're Deportivo and the objective is clear." 

Along these lines, he believes the team is able to fight for the first spots: "We're good players. We're aware that great players have left, but very good players have also arrived. I don't know if more are going to come. We're Deportivo and we have players for this."

He confessed, "I'm looking forward to Sunday, to playing and being at the ABANCA-RIAZOR." 

He pointed out that Deportivo "is ready. We have good sensations especially after the last match against Betis. We're now looking forward to conveying that in official games, which is what is going to show whether we're fit or not."

He admitted that the clash against Real Oviedo "is special" for Juan Antonio Anquela: "It's against his former team. We know we have to play, just as we suppose they're going to play. We still have a few days left to make adjustments."

After beating Real Betis at the Teresa Herrera Trophy, Borja Galán urges everyone to be cautious: "We played a good match, but we have to take it with a pinch of salt. We can't think we're the bee's knees just for winning that match. We have to be calm and take it like it us. We're happy we played well but we have to draw fair conclusions. At the end of the day, it's a friendly. I'm sure Betis will be more motivated in the league than they were during that match. I'm happy it went well and that we had good sensations, but we must keep calm and be cautious."

On a personal level, he is "very happy. I feel well. The coach is counting on me, I'm playing. I feel good. I'm hoping this carries on throughout the real matches, which are the ones that matter."

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