Boveda reminded everyone "we're practically building a new team, with a different system"

01/08/2018 22:45

Eneko Boveda and youth player Blas spoke to the press in La Devesa's mixed zone.

The Basque defender stated "we practically have to polish everything. What's important in my opinion, is that we put into practice what the trainer wants us to do because it's the way the squad can show its professionalism, that they're with the coach, with his idea. I'm more or less satisfied with today."

Eneko Boveda insisted that the result in these pre-season games "is secondary. The team is responding to what the coach wants. I believe he'll be more or less happy and that's what counts. We're practically building a new team, with a system that's also different. From then on, improve little things during each match and reach the start of the season well."

After having played 90 minutes, the Branquiazul centre-back recalled he has come "from a difficult season. I ended the season injured. At the end of the day I lack minutes and games. We're being cautious and every minute I have isn't that much because I've been without playing for a long time."

Our youth player Blas enjoyed playing with the first team again. He came on the second half for right-back David Simon.

The Deportivista defender is well aware that despite this opportunity, "I am a Fabril player. They told me if I earned it, I would have some opportunities. And this is like everything, if you work and earn it, the opportunities come."

He highlighted "I'm here to contribute, to do my bit. If the coach thinks it's necessary to play me at some point of the season, it will be a dream for me and I will help the best way possible."

Regarding one of his competitors, David Simon, Blas pointed out, "we've got on well from the start. He's one of the ones I get along best with."

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