Bóveda: "Without feeling superior to anyone, we don't have to feel inferior either"

22/08/2019 21:20

Eneko Bóveda spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning, before the visit to SD Huesca, recently relegated from LaLiga Santander, Sunday 25 August (7pm, Movistar LaLiga and Gol) in El Alcoraz, " without feeling superior to anyone, we don't have to feel inferior either."

The right-winger acknowledged that "the 3 teams that relegate (SD Huesca amongst them) have players with the greatest cache and will probably have to bare the role of favourites" facing promotion.

Along these lines, he assured that "we'll be facing this game like any other;" although he was wary to give 3 candidates to be in the first three positions: "I wouldn't get any of the 3 right. The squads depend on the budget they have. The most powerful squads have players with brighter trajectories or more striking moments because they have a healthier budget. That's the role of the favourites which we were in last year and that Huesca probably finds themselves in now."

Last Sunday in ABANCA-RIAZOR against Real Oviedo, "there were good and bad things," according to Eneko Bóveda. "It wasn't a perfect game on our part at all. Throughout many phases the team felt moderately comfortable but never completely enjoying the game. When the team was most comfortable, when the players let loose, we conceded a goal then. It's the kind of goal we've seen a thousand times that seems to be worth double, because they're going to get another one in. They were the typical minutes in which a team that seemed absent, by risking more succeeded," he highlighted.

For him, "the best thing is that with 2-2 you're still in the game, you don't give up. Then, a genious action decides the game. But above all not losing after feeling we've cocked it up."

When asked about defensive actions with a stopped ball, he was blunt: "Here, there's a coach with his assistant and that's how I like things; and that the players reflect the coach's approach afterwards. He's the one that spends time watching the videos, analyzing the players he has, who they're up against. And we have his back 100%." "We're going to give our all defending that way, believing it's the best way and the one that'll give us the best result," he added.

After a challenging match, Bóveda, one of the most expert players on the squad, stated that "we're at a time where 90% of the teams think they're the best; 10% think that the Sports Director got terrible signings. And out of that 10%, one will possibly win the league.These things happen at the beginning of the season, mainly hasty conclusions. Personally I keep away from all that. I'm rather careful. We've had some pretty bad matches in the preseason but I've never stopped seeing the quality of my teammates. Then we played a really good match against Betis which could make us think we're better than we are. Now, the victory against Oviedo which I hope will positively affect morale, but not make us big heads nor follow the stereotypical phrase of 'we're on a roll'."

About his former colleagues who are now in SD Huesca, Pedro Mosquera, Luisinho, Juan Carlos or Insua, he spoke of the first of them: "He's the player with the most ex-teammates on the rival side and the one we know best. Luisinho will have coincided with 3 or 4... and the rest with Álex Bergantiños."

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