Carlos believes that Dépor "rose to the challenge" and Quique highlights "our attitude, our intensity, our enthusiasm"

31/03/2019 21:42

Carlos Fernández and Quique González were the centre of attention in Carlos Tartiere's mixed zone.

The Andalusian striker, who returned from his injury today, believes this draw "is positive because of the way the match went, and how demanding it was. It's a very complicated ground. They increase their intensity to the max. There are many 1v1s, lots of rebounds. We rose to the challenge."

Carlos Fernández asked for the fans support for Saturday's game against Rayo Majadahonda (4pm, LaLiga 1|2|3 TV) "I just want to say to those fans that came here today, we're not going to quit and that we need them."

Along these lines, he insisted, "we must fight and give it all we've got until the end because nobody deserves it more than them."

On the other hand, Quique González, tonight's goal scorer, highlighted "our attitude, our intensity, our enthusiasm, the way we competed. We can never go without that; nonetheless, you may not be that precise."

The Deportivista striker pointed out, "nobody can speak badly of Deportivo today. We had many people behind us here today. A pity we weren't able to win, but I think they're proud of this team."

Quique explained the situation in the league: "I wish we could be higher up but this is the reality. We are still very convinced that we have the possibility of gaining the first two spots. We must only focus on Majadahonda, which is really difficult. People can't think that because it's Rayo Majadahonda we already have 3 points. It's nothing like that. They're going to make things tough."