Clarence Seedorf believes that the team took “an important step” tonight

23/02/2018 23:42

Clarence Seedorf stated in Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room, that the match was very “equal in the first half, with few chances. In the second half, we all saw what the guys did. This is the way. Playing like this, with this intensity, reaching their box, believing in the moves is a matter of time and things too. It was an important step.”

He insisted, “there were many good things today. We have to be positive in life. From tomorrow, we’re going to work with more enthusiasm, more strength, and more energy for our next game.”

The Dutch coach stated that after today’s match, “it’s a huge uplift, it gives us strength to carry on working. The fans’ reaction was fantastic, they were fantastic throughout the match. They helped the team a lot, the team responded. It’s a good base to carry on.”

He explained the gathering he had with the players in the middle of the pitch’s centre circle: “I wanted to wait to see the fans’ reaction at home; they applauded. It was important to show the union there is, each day we’re more united as a group, with the intention of always doing better.”

Asked about Lucas’ state of mind after missing the penalty, Seedorf highlighted “he played a great game. He fought tremendously for the team, he did great skilful moves. The fans applauded him several times during the game. I want to kiss him.”

Espanyol coach, Quique Sanchez Flores, stated that in the first half the Catalan side “did well, we controlled the situation. We had the ball, we had the situation under control. In the second half we were unable to maintain what we did in the first half. We lost the ball easily. It wasn’t enough to get to the other box. They found the 3 forwards and when they do they are a team with brutal skill.”

He acknowledged that in that sense “the second half was quite long for us.”

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