Cristóbal: “We made 3 points in Las Palmas, but we have to carry on competing”

03/11/2017 20:32

Cristóbal Parralo stated in ABANCA-RIAZOR’s press room this morning, that he is “very happy with the way they’re working. The ten days I’ve been here, I’ve seen that the intensity has increased, they’re more into it and they’re working hard, Form there we’ll see if it obtains results.”

He warned that last Monday at the Estadio Gran Canaria “we made 3 points, but nothing else. We can be more optimistic, but we have to carry on playing, carry on competing and carry on winning to look up. We can’t be looking at what other teams are doing in the 10th fixture.”

Along these lines, he recalled that against the islanders “we conceded another goal in the 7th minute, there was some improvement, but I think there’s still a lot of things to improve.”

He explained, “when I talk about the defence I’m not talking about the defenders, I’m talking about the way the whole team defends. And here there are lots of things to improve. I hope and wish that tomorrow we’ll make the fewest mistakes possible and that the team defends firmly, and that that helps us win the match.”

The Deportivista coach highlighted that due to the size and competition in the squad, “I’m going to value a lot what players do and how they work in each training. And if somebody who is called to play or plays, reduces the intensity or doesn’t reach the level we demand, another will go in his place. Because it’s a competitive squad and everyone can have the chance to play. I’m happy with the squad, they’re good players. It may be a bit big, we can all see that.”

Regarding tomorrow’s encounter at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR (4:15 pm, Bein LaLiga), Cristóbal said “It’s logical for me to be worried about Atlético de Madrid, but I’m more concerned with my team competing, playing and doing what they know how to do. We don’t have to do things differently to what we’ve been working just because we’re playing Atlético de Madrid.”

He urged “to take Atlético into account, respect them, but not fear them. What we have to do is to be ourselves, try and improve that idea, that style we’re working on, and from then on we’ll see what happens.” “If we’re ourselves, I’m convinced we’ll make it very difficult for them and we’ll have chances at winning the match,” he added.

He described the Rojiblancos, along with other top European sides like Real Madrid, as “great teams. They have big squads, they're very competitive teams. They’ve been proving for months that they’re a great team, they’ve been proving for seasons that they’re a great team. They’re trajectory and level has been more than proven.”

With a few hours to go before his league debut at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, Cristóbal thanked the Fabril squad: “It was a pleasure to have trained that team. I’m very grateful because part of me being here is thanks to them, their work, their competitiveness, winning 7 consecutive matches, they’ve now drawn 2, that’s 9 matches without losing. I want to see it this way. I want to thank all those players that have helped me be here today training the first team.”

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