Dani Gimenez: “Our rivals will be extra-motivated when they play against Dépor”

23/07/2018 20:38

Dani Gimenez spoke to the press in Abegondo this morning. The Galician keeper, who also made an effort to answer in Galician despite having lived far from Galicia for many years, explained that the pre-season is going as expected: "We’re a little tired. We’re getting to know one another. Little by Little we’re improving technical aspects and strengthening tactical ones. It’s a pre-season that’s going according to plan.”

The Branquiazul keeper explained that Natxo Gonzalez wants his team “to be in charge. We’re starting off with a system in which having the ball is what prevails. If we don’t have the ball, we will suffer a little more. The important thing is to have the ball, be in charge, attack, but also know how to convey a sense of calm and patience you need in matches".

He praised Tyton’s professionalism: "He’s training very well. He’s a very good teammate. The truth is he’s making everything easy for me, and I appreciate that a lot". He insisted that his Polish teammate is doing fine: "He has been a very good teammate to me from day one. If you see us train, you’ll see we joke around quite often as well as competing with each other. He’s very focused. Whether he leaves or not, he has to train to be in the best condition, whether it’s on Dépor or somewhere else.”

He assured he is focused on himself no matter who his colleague in the league may be: "At my age, you compete to be fit. I don’t think beyond the team and feeling better, achieve minutes to be in the best possible situation, seeing football better, seeing the system better. Training to be at my best and begin the first match of the league in the best condition possible.” "If someone comes, fine, and if not, I’m delighted with the rivalry I have,” he concluded.

Asked about next week’s camp in Vilalba getting cancelled, Dani Gimenez replied, “apparently the pitch wasn’t all that great. With the training centre we have here, it seem’s a bit pointless to go to a ground in worse conditions, it’s better to stay at home.”

He highlighted, “the youth players always give the teams a breath of fresh air when they need it. I think it’s great that they’re training with us. In fact, some of them have pleasantly surprised me, I think they can contribute a lot to the team. At the end of the day, you have to look after the youth players, show them because they can give you that push or quality to put the team where it deserves to be.”

Along these lines, regarding Francis, the World Cup youth player, Dani Gimenez pointed out "he knows he has to play. He is a promising player, but he has to go step by step. Evidently, he’s very young. Calmly, trying to improve daily is the way he can reach his peak. When will we see him? I don’t know. It’s difficult to tell when young players are going to give their 100%.”

He believes that the coming and going of players this summer is normal due to Deportivo’s situation: "This happens when a team relegates. Las Palmas have also got loads of new players. There are rumours that they’re going to sign 6 or 7 more. We’re doing it more calmly. The Club perfectly knows it wants players out to bring others. And it definitely knows it wants those in the dressing room to be motivated to achieve the promotion, and it wants the players to have things clear. We have to be very competitive from the start: be good teammate and be focused on a very complicated Second Division.”

Asked about the first matches away from ABANCA-RIAZOR due to the reconstruction, he replied, "and after we’ll play three matches at home. In the end, you never know whether it’s better to begin like that because the teams are still trying to get the knack of the competition…Our rivals will be extra-motivated when they play against Dépor. We know this, and we have to match their motivation.”

He believes that Abegondo Training Centre’s new dining room for everyone to have breakfast and lunch together is very positive: "Anything that adds something positive is welcome. I’m used to having breakfast and lunch with the team. We did this in Betis the past year. It was something us captains had asked for, for three years, and they accepted this year. When I arrived here, it was a pleasant surprise because you can control those things that are off the pitch but just as important for the players, such as food, rest…”