Dépor win their first pre-season match against Fabril (1-3)

21/07/2018 12:40

Fabril and Deportivo opened the 2018-19 pre-season with a friendly encounter in Abegondo made up of two 35-minute halves. Both teams played with great intensity, however the first team won 1-3.

This used to be a normal weekly training match in the 60s and 70s, yet two of those matches in the past decades stand out: On 31 December 1995 in A Torre (without a ref and it lasted 60 minutes: 0-0) and on 5 August 2008 in Riazor (the last match of the 16th edition of the Juan Acuña Trophy, in which 3 teams, including Birmingham City, played 45-minute matches: 2-1 for Dépor).

Fabril opened the scoreline halfway through the first half. Adri Castro tucked in Luismi’s assist into the far post.

In the 33rd minute, Fabril were given a penalty as Dani Gimenez grabbed Diego Villares. The Branquiazul keeper guessed Uxio’s intention and denied them from widening their lead.

Straight after, Carles Gil nearly equalised from the edge of the box. Seconds after, Diego Rolan also had a good chance, but it went wide.

Natxo Gonzalez changed all his players in the second half except for Carles Gil.

During the first few minutes, Fede Cartabia had two great opportunities; The first went over the woodwork and the second was saved by Pablo Brea. In the 49th minute he put the ball into the back of the net, but it was ruled offside.

Fede Cartabia’s persistence was rewarded in the 51st minute as the Argentinian flicked Saul’s cross from the left wing to equalise the match. Two minutes later, Pedro Sanchez finished a perfect combining play and put the lads in front. Shortly after, a subtle touch by Carles Gil over Pablo Brea sealed the match and gave Dépor their first pre-season victory.

Fabril: Ricardo (Pablo Brea, min. 36), Victor Eimil (Israel, min. 49), One, Raul Gonzalez, Lucas, Kanoute (Ortuño, min. 36), Gandoy, Villares, Adri Castro (Boedo, min. 36), Uxio (May, min. 49) and Luismi (Alex, min. 42).

RC Deportivo: Dani Gimenez (Tytoń, min. 36), Blas (Quique Fornos, min. 36), Boveda (Albentosa, min. 36), Pablo Mari (Mujaid, min. 36), Dubarbier (Saul, min. 36), Pedro Mosquera (Bicho, min. 36), Alex Bergantiños (Gaizka, min. 36), Edu Exposito (Diego Caballo, min. 36), Carles Gil (Edu Exposito, min. 64), Christian Santos (Pedro Sanchez, min. 36) and Rolan (Fede Cartabia, min. 36).

Goals: 1-0 Adri Castro (min. 23); 1-1 Fede Cartabia (min. 51); 1-2 Pedro Sánchez (min. 53); 1-3 Carles Gil (min. 55).

Match Officials: Ruben Eiriz Mata (Galician Referee), Ruben Vazquez Penas and Maria Eugenia Gil Soriano (Assistant Referees). Nobody was booked.

Incidents: A friendly match played on pitch number 1 in Abegondo Training Centre in front of 550 spectators.

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