Dépor’s dressing room, “disappointed” and “upset”, are focused on moving on

27/01/2018 16:27

Eneko Boveda, who debuted with Deportivo, and Adrian Lopez, who scored again today, spoke to the press in the mixed zone at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR.

The Basque defender said that the match “under these circumstances was difficult. We're all disappointed with the result.” “You have to look at it from a certain distance, for the things we’ve done well and that are worthy,” he added.

Boveda thinks that “obviously people get upset after all the disappointments in football, but all the players here have lived difficult situations when things haven’t gone well. We know that as long as the season is still going, we have changes to make in the team, in order to have luck on our side, for everything.”

He asked “to clear our heads tomorrow and, especially, train well,” he added.

He explained why Dépor retreated after the sending off in the first half: “We had one less. If you take a step forward, you’ll probably leave more spaces behind. Pressing high and outnumbered, even though it looks good, it doesn’t tend to be the most effective, the most practical. The team didn’t suffer that much, no matter how close we were to our box. Just because you're closer it doesn’t mean you’re suffering. We were quite solid and it’s true that a player aims quickly and scores two goals.”

Adrian Lopez commented that “we’re upset because they were 3 very important points which we were very close to. We did a great job throughout 80 minutes of the match until they scored the 2-1. We made a huge effort with one less. It wasn’t too difficult. We had the match more or less under control and it’s a pity that we let two important points slip away against a direct rival. We’re upset.”

The Asturian striker said that “we feel bad with the way the match went and the fact that we let it slip towards the end.”

He stated that “when you’re in a difficult situation like we’re in now, it seems that nothing goes as planned. It’s true that the 2-1 knocked us a bit. It’s normal that Levante was more offensive. We began to suffer, then the draw came, and even so we tried to get ahead and we could have done so. But we had to be careful because they were still creating chances. You can notice the effort in the last few minutes, when you’ve been playing one man down for a long time.”

Adrian insisted that “right now, things are complicated because they were 3 very important points that we thought would be ours. We play again on Friday, we have to recover, we have to prepare the match well during the week and go there to win.”