Emre Çolak in Turkey’s line-up and Kakuta did not play for DR Congo

05/06/2017 22:23

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Two Deportivistas, Kakuta and Emre Çolak, had a friendly match with their national sides on Monday 5 June.

Kakuta didn’t play against Botswana

The Deportivista player, Gaël Kakuta is in Rabat (Morocco) with his national side, DR Congo, since last Thursday 25 May.

These two matches are to prepare for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match on Saturday 10 June at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa at 6:30 pm (local time), against Congo.

DR Congo played a friendly against Botswana in Rabat on Monday. The Congolese won 2-0 without Kakuta, who did not play as they were probably thinking ahead for next Saturday’s official match.

Emre Çolak was in Turkey's line-up against Macedonia

Turkey, with Emre Çolak in the line-up, played a friendly away match against Macedonia in the capital city of Skopje.

The match ended 0-0 and Dépor’s midfielder came off in the 79th minute for Yilmaz.

On Sunday 11 June, Turkey will play a qualifier for the 2018 Russia World Cup against Kosovo at 8:45 pm, in the Albanese city of Shkoder at the Loro Borici Satdium.

Morocco will encounter Cameroon in an official match

On Saturday 10 June, Morocco will visit Cameroon to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations which will be held in Yaounde. The match will kick off at 3 pm (local time).

The blue-and-white midfielder, Fayçal Fajr started for Morocco in their friendly against Holland on Wednesday at the Adrar stadium. He came off at the last minute of the game for Bammou. Holland won 1-2.

Celso Borges is getting ready for Thursday’s game against Panama

On Thursday 8 June, Costa Rica, with Celso Borges in the squad, will receive Panama in the capital city at the Estadio Nacional de San José at 8 pm (local time).

On Tuesday 13 June, the ‘Ticos’ will face Trinidad and Tobago at the same time and place.

Both games are to qualify for the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Florin Andone with Romania’s national team

The Romanian side will visit Poland on Saturday 10 June, at 8:45 pm in Warsaw, to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup

They will then face Chile for a friendly match that will take place in the city of Cluj.


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