Eneko Boveda: “It’s a situation where we shouldn’t be drilling holes, but rowing together”

03/03/2018 21:58

Adrian, the captain, and Eneko Boveda spoke to the press in the mixed zone at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR.

The Asturian striker believes that at the beginning, “we deserved to score 1 or 2 goals. Sometimes the ball doesn’t want to go in. We hit the post again. We had clear opportunities that their keeper saved fantastically. Then the match changed. They scored the first goal, we managed to draw but at that moment, the match changed after that misunderstanding. Playing with one less for so much time is a different game. We couldn’t create as many chances.”

Adrian stated that in the end, “there’s a positive point in this because we did a good defensive job in the second half. Sometimes, during these moments, one point can be very important.”

He understood the crowd’s reaction at the end of the match: “They want to see their team win. They desire that victory as much as we do. I can imagine their disappointment. But we have to understand the circumstances of today’s match and in the end, we have to see the positive things in the second half, where the team were compact and if you can’t win the match in the end, you have to know how to draw and gain a point.”

Eneko Boveda believes that “all analysis should be positive. When it was 11 against 11, I think the plan we had prepared was turning out perfectly. It’s strange, very rare to get 4 chances one-on-one with the keeper. Almost no team will achieve it this match week. And we had 0 goals until the 20th or 25th minute. Then they scored a goal in the first chance they got. Then we had a mishap with the sending-off, which is an accumulation of misfortunes, where there are obvious mistakes made. The consequences are severe.”

The defender, who played as a right-back today, preferred the second half: “It’s brilliant. We’re told that we have a fragile defence, poor organisation, little help, little collaboration. It was difficult, yet important today to prove that we do have some of those things. It’s true that we suffered, I don’t know up to what point they were able to create occasions to score. They played 50 minutes with an advantage.”

Due to this, “this match made me have more faith. Despite the logical disappointment, we should be glad.”

On a personal note, he confessed that “I’m very happy with my decision to have come here. I feel supported by people and that’s how I should feel. These last two days have been very difficult for me. I was doing well. But I played a very bad match against Getafe the other day, punishing the team in the form of an own-goal. When that happens, one suffers, a thousand things go on in your head.”

Eneko asked supporters to “believe the same way we do, despite the disappointments, keep going because it’s a situation where we shouldn’t be drilling holes but rowing together, doing everything we can. There’s a huge difference between staying in Primera or relegating to Segunda. It’s not something to play about with.”

He insisted that “we’re not dead in the competition. It is what it is. We aren’t going to be eighth nor tenth. We’ll be in the pit until the end. It’s possible to save ourselves and it’s also possible that we won’t. The important thing is not to die in the competition before. We’ll be closer to achieving our only goal along this path.”