Fayçal: "I feel really good in Dépor, and the city. I hope I play here for many years"

06/02/2017 21:11

After participating in the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, and returning to training, Fayçal was the centre of attention in Abegondo’s press room today. “A month away from the Club, away from the city. A very good experience. Every player wants to play for their country. I had the opportunity to play an African Cup of Nations with my country. I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a boy. Now I have to leave it behind and I’m keen to be back with Dépor”, he said.

Regarding his performance in the African tournament where he started off on the bench in the first match and then became a regular in the starting line-up, the Deportivista forward said, “you have to wait and work. You have to work if you want to make it. I didn’t play many minutes in the first match, but when you work, when you're a hard worker, things happen. He counted on me in the second match and from then on upto the quarter-finals”.

He then added, “Nobody can say that I don’t like working. I’m never going to stop working. That’s football, sometimes you play and sometimes you don’t. I’m never going to stop working”.

Speaking about his future, he denied that he wanted to leave Deportivo in January and emphasized, I’m fine here in Dépor. I have a year’s contract. I am going to try and get as many minutes as possible and we’ll see at the end of the year. I’m not thinking about leaving Dépor. I feel really good in Dépor, and the city. I hope I play here for many years, like Nourredine Naybet who’s an example in Morocco”.

He spoke about the team’s newcomers, specifically Kakuta: “I knew him when he was in Rayo Vallecano and I was in Elche. A good player. He was a star in France ever since he was a kid. Chelsea loaned him out to several teams. He’s a top-quality footballer that’s going to contribute to the team a lot”.

His references of Ola John come from Sidnei and Luisinho: “He’s a player that has a lot of quality and plays on the wing. I’m sure he’s going to contribute to the team”.

Reviewing the league table, he said, “I don’t like to look at the teams beneath us. We have to win as quick as possible, and get points as quick as possible. We don’t want to wait until the last match. But calmly. We will reach our objective”.

Furthermore, Fayçal emphasized, “we’re confident. We’re together and we’re going to achieve our objective which is to secure our spot in first division as quick as possible. I don’t have any problems or doubts. I have confidence in the team”.

He then concluded by requesting that the roof coverings get fixed as quick as possible after having to postpone last Friday’s match against Betis.

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