Garitano: "Not satisfied with the result at all"

14/01/2017 23:43

Deportivista coach, Gaizka Garitano, was not happy with the draw against Villarreal: "Another day where we nearly win, but we don’t".

“We played against a good team, and I am pleased with our performance, but not with the result”. Garitano described the match as “not having many clear scoring chances, but the two or three most dangerous threats came from us”.

Garitano said, “On one hand, I’m pleased, because with all the absentees we had, with the way the team was, with our performance. But on the other hand, I’m not satisfied with the result at all”. He then emphasized, "Another day where we nearly win, but we don’t".

Referring to how the game went, Garitano said “there were stages where we couldn’t press as high as we would have liked, not just that, you can’t press a team like Villarreal for 90 minutes”.

Villarreal’s coach, Fran Escribá, denied that his team had been conformist, although he did acknowledge that due to “the sensation of not being able to change the game’s pace”, they preferred to try and hold onto the draw.

He stated, “neither team had many chances. Satisfied is not the Word, but we saw there were no options. We had the sensation we couldn’t change the game’s pace in order to win the match”.