Garitano on guard: "This is going to be a tough fight until the end"

19/01/2017 13:24

This morning, Gaizka Garitano highlighted in Abegondo’s press room that “we’re still in the fight. It would be the worst mistake to think that we’re safe, and that there’s no need to look at the bottom”.

On the other hand, the coach clarified, “I also look at the top because that’s where I want to be. But for that, we need to win, and it’s not easy. We have to take each match as it comes along, try to win, but we cannot think that things have changed just because we’re 6 points from the relegation zone. Tomorrow we could have a 3 point difference. We want to be 8 or 9 points away, or further up each time”.

He said he would like to finish the first round “with our first victory (away from Riazor). That’s what we currently have in mind, to finish with 21 points. The relegation zone is deceiving, we’re still at the bottom”.

He confessed he spoke to the players about this: “We’re still at the bottom and we have to try and get to the top positions. This is going to be a tough fight until the end”.

Our coach believes that “the team has been looking the way I want it to for a while now. Not since the results are better, before. When the results weren’t that good, the team came very close to winning many matches. The team hasn’t changed that much since two or two months and a half ago”.

As for tomorrow's rival, Las Palmas, (8:45pm, Gol TV), Garitano believes that "if you always give them the ball, they are very sharp, they have many quality players...Jonathan Viera, Roque Mesa ...They have striking players up front. They feel comfortable with the ball. You have to defend well and then we can have the ball. If we find the depth we need, with the ball, we’re a team that does things; we play the ball well”.