In his farewell speech, Cristobal said that this was not the moment for criticism, but for everyone to be united

06/02/2018 13:18

Elegant, correct, hard-working and polite from the first minute to the very last. These adjectives perfectly describe the way Cristobal Parralo and his team (Javier Manjarin and Luis Fandiño) have carried out their work in RC Deportivo’s first team.

This morning, the coach from Cordoba, accompanied by the Club’s Chairman, Tino Fernandez, said farewell to his players and then to the press in Abegondo.

Tino Fernandez was the first to speak and emphasized that “as the Chairman and on behalf of everyone at the Club, we are sincerely grateful for his professionalism, for his enthusiasm. We are looking at a person with talent.”

Despite the painful ending, he requested for everyone to “value everything Cristobal has achieved with us, not just the results, but his brilliant work with Fabril, with the people in our Academy, in which I am completely sure we will soon have players that will become strong professional footballers where he has played such an active role.”

He insisted on Cristobal’s relationship with the Club being a “to be continued instead of the end. Finding good, honest, hard-working people and with talent is not easy; and when you have them by your side I think retaining them is another option. These words are also applicable to his team, both Luis Fandiño and Javier Manjarin. Everything I’ve said about Cristobal Parralo can be applied to the three of them.”

Tino Fernandez finished his introduction by wishing him “the very best because he deserves it.”

Cristobal Parralo then took his turn to thank “the Chairman and the Board who are by my side on the day of my farewell. Thank all the Club workers for the way they’ve treated me during the time I was here, all the press for understanding my work and my mood these past days. I don’t want to forget and thank the fans’ support from the very first minute until the last. I’m sorry the work did not get its reward. I only hope the team get through this and achieve the objective of staying in Primera, which is where Deportivo deserve to be, and aspiring to more important things.”

He made the most of this moment to urge “everyone to be united for the cause. There’s no other way. It’s not the moment for criticism, or to blame others, but for everyone to be united I will try and give strength from wherever I am at the time. I understand the circumstances, I know how football goes, I respect the decisions. It’s not easy making certain decisions. I respect everything. I have respected everything from day one. I have tried to be respectful with everyone.”

Cristobal explained that in the dressing room “I wished everyone good luck. We’ve obviously hugged many players, shaken hands, wished them luck and that all of us wish Deportivo the best.”

Asked about what is going on in the Deportivista dressing room, he preferred not to lok back: “There’s no point in looking back with everything there is to do ahead. The results demand. If you have a bad streak like the Club’s, these things tend to happen. It’s not the moment to look for who’s to blame, but to look for people who are willing to put this on the right track, people who don’t want Dépor to suffer more, people who want Dépor to win, people who want Deportivo to remain in Primera. I’m not here to criticise anyone. What’s happened has happened. I came to train, I didn’t turn away from any kind of situation. I’ve faced them the best way I thought I could. The dressing room as many others has its problems, its virtues, and you have to know how to handle them.”

He restated he has nothing bad to say about the players: “I’ve been fired because the results weren’t good. It’s the only thing I can criticise, because I can neither criticise our work, nor are dedication, nor the enthusiasm we’ve had at all times. Results demand in football. The Chairman and Board have decided they had to look for some sort of new situation so that the team could regain the competition's pulse. I can do anything less but accept the decision. I’m grateful because they have given me the opportunity to work in First Division. The only thing I’m sorry for is that things didn’t turn out the way we would have liked.”

Regarding his future, Cristobal explained that “the first day the Chairman gave me the news he asked me not to leave. But right now, I don’t see myself continuing in the Club. I’m a coach and I want to train. It’s been hard these past months, difficult, but they teach you a lot, you learn. What I want to do is reboot a little, rest, and from then on we’ll see what the future has in hold for me.”

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