Juanfran: "We’re not a small team. We’re Deportivo"

09/02/2017 20:07

Juanfran highlighted in Abegondo’s press room this morning, that the fact they have not won a game in January, is “very worrying”. “February has to be the month that gives us the points we need to be be calm and distance ourselves from the drop zone. We have to go with that need, the way we played in November and December”.

He pointed out that “it’s a messy situation. We’re near the relegation zone. We can’t be calm just because there’s a six point difference. We only have 19 points. We should demand more of ourselves”.

Along the same lines, Juanfran pointed out that “we are very good players. If Emre were Basque, he’d be in Athletic’s starting XI. I’m sure. And if most of us were Basque, Athletic would want us in their team”.

Thus, he emphasized that “we have great players and we have to believe it. We have to believe we can be higher that we actually are in the league table. We cannot think small”. “We’re better players than we’re proving to be in some matches. In other games, we do very well and people are pleased. That’s the Dépor we need to find. We all have to do more. Personally, I have to do more at away games. There’s a Juanfran at home and a Juanfran away”, he added.

He finished off his reasoning by saying: “We’re not a small team. We’re Deportivo de La Coruña”.

Asked about the hundreds of Deportivistas that will be travelling to Bilbao to cheer the team on, the blue-and-white left-back replied, “our supporters are a reflection of Deportivo de La Coruña, they are magnificent. We have to try and climb up the league table to give the fans more joy in order to start enjoying this a bit more. And to fight for things that this current squad can fight for. These months we have to prove we can do more”.

He demands that from now on “we have to do more, play well, focused, and prove that Deportivo is a big team. The fans travel to the away games, in Eibar there were loads of fans. In Las Palmas there were lots of fans. There are fans in every ground. We’re a team that has to do more”.

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