Lucas: “All the affection I’ve been receiving I want to transform into victories, goals, and joy for the fans”

14/09/2017 21:01

Lucas Pérez was the centre of attention in Abegondo's press room this morning.

The striker from A Coruña admitted that after a somewhat peculiar pre-season, where he was sidelined from Arsenal's first team, “I have to get fitter. I feel better each day. My debut was not the one I’d hoped for because of the result”.

He told the press he hopes “to get fitter as soon as possible. I want to be at my best now! That's why I’m training a lot. The sooner I’m physically better, I’m going to feel better and the team the same".

He was very grateful to the city and to the Deportivistas in his first days in A Coruña: “They’ve always treated me very well, since the first day I came from Greece to the last reception. Both my family and I are thankful for the treatment when I was away from Coruña and now that I’m in Deportivo”.

He assured that the day he arrived at A Coruña airport, where he was welcomed by loads of fans, as well as his official presentation at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, are memories “that are going to stay with me for the rest of my life; me, and my family. It’s something we’re really proud of, especially me”.

He does not interpret this affection as pressure every time he plays: “If someone shows you that affection it’s something to be proud of, it’s praise. All the affection and support I’ve been receiving from the very first day, I want to transform into victories, goals, joy for the fans and points for the team”.

After three fixtures without winning, he confessed he sees his teammates “training eagerly to win three points right away”.

He recalled that his relationship with Pepe Mel goes back to when the coach trained Rayo Vallecano and Lucas played in the B team. Lucas revealed that his first talk with Pepe Mel in Abegondo “was completely normal, how I was, what shape was I in. We spoke about my fitness, about football, what he expected of me, what he wanted from me when I arrived. He’s very happy. He’s a person that has always demonstrated, both in Betis and in Rayo, that he liked me”.

Regarding the team’s performance, Lucas Pérez emphasized that “there are new players that have arrived this year. There were two signings on the last day. In a professional team, where the pre-season has not been carried out with all its ‘pieces’, there’s an adapting period. The coach has to get to know the players better, the players have to know what the coach wants. If we could sign players at the beginning of June like the big teams, the pre-seasons would be different”.

Comparing the team he left when he went to Arsenal a year ago with the current one, the Deportivista striker highlighted that “the Club now owns more players than having them on loan. When I arrived the first year, there were many players on loan. There aren’t that many anymore. The squad is growing. The longer the players can stay, the more they get to know one another, adapting is easier and that helps”.

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