Lucas: We have the hope and the will to overcome this

29/03/2018 13:20

Lucas Perez spoke to the press at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR.

The Dépor striker said that on Sunday’s match at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano against Atletico de Madrid (8:45 pm, Bein LaLiga), "we’re going to face a very tough rival at their home, where it’s very difficult to gain points. We’re going with the need to win 3 points.”

He confessed that “what frustrates me the most is that we haven’t been able to achieve 3 points at home in the last few games. That’s what we find frustrating. We have the need to go to the Wanda and gain 3 points."

Referring to Atletico's injured players, he said, "The difficulty is the same because the squad is full of great players although they have some important absences. They are all very skilled.”

He assured that "when I go onto the pitch I’m not thinking if Levante has won, drawn or anything of the sort. When I go onto the pitch I forget everything, the only thing I’m worried about is getting the 3 points. It doesn’t matter if Levante loses, wins or draws. If we don’t do our job, it doesn’t matter."

He sees Clarence Seedorf "with the same enthusiasm as the day he arrived, with the same willingness to work. He knows our potential. Obviously he’s sad and disappointed because things aren’t turning out well. Determination and work, he reminds us every day, we have that.”

He explained that the players “feel the same as the rest, disappointed, yearning for things to go well for some time. We're going for a win to try and change the direction of things. We keep trying everyday. I don’t know any other way of doing it, effort, work, will. It’s the only way I think we can win, it would be great for our morale to lift our spirits and to gain confidence towards the end of the league.”

He insisted that “we need to win to redirect things. A win for morale, for the people, to see the results of our work. It’s good for such a large group and that's what we need.”

He confessed that “when I go home after things not having gone well, I’m annoyed. I don’t want to see my family, nor my friends. I want to be alone. It happens to all the players in the world. I don’t know any player who's happy after losing. We’re all frustrated. You feel sad, frustrated, disappointed. We had our hearts set on this season, and when things don’t go well in a group level nor on an individual level...”

Regarding the possibility of saving themselves, he stated that “it’s not the first time that a team at the bottom has got its act together, fought and got out of there. It’s not the first time that the last teams win 5 out of 8 matches and save themselves. We have the hope and the will to overcome this. Our hope is intact but we need the boost of a good result to keep working, and willing to get out of this zone.”

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