Lucas: “We’re really sorry about the image the team’s given in the first round”

16/01/2018 20:35

Lucas Perez apologised to the fans in Abegondo’s press room this morning: “I just want to say to the fans we’re really sorry about the image the team’s given in the first round. We’re trying to fix it.” “All together, united, is how we can achieve this,” he added.

He described the first half of the championship as “bad. There’s no other word. Things aren’t turning out like we expected. We have to improve not just a lot, but way more, to avoid relegation.”

He also described his own performance as “bad. I’m neither happy on a personal level nor a collective level. None of my teammates are happy either. This is the work of 11 on the pitch, 25 every day, and we have to carry on. There’s no point in one of us being fine if the team loses.”

He understands why the fans are upset, because they “see that the team isn’t progressing. Things are bad. It’s logical that they feel that way. I understand them because I’m a football fan above all. I would be upset.”

He’s sorry that the fans “don’t know what goes on inside. I know the team’s capacity, I know my teammates’ capacity.”

Furthermore, he insisted “we have a lot of confidence because we see it in every training session. The problem is the details... The other day Ruben made a mistake before half-time when we deserved to be 0-0. The first 20 minutes Deportivo were doing really well to take the lead. You open the score and you face the match another way. But that’s what’s happened in other games. They’re details that harm the team and lower our confidence.”

Lucas confessed, “the people on the inside suffer too. Nobody wants to fail, nobody wants to play badly. I’ve never met a teammate in my career that goes out to lose, to fail.”

The Deportivista striker recalled, “there's still a whole round left. What we have to do is support each other. The way to get out of this situation is by being united.”

His recipe to avoid mistakes, as he has repeated in public in every occasion, is work: “Through work, by being hard-workers, in the sense of trying to improve in the training sessions, wanting to do so, being determined, having a good attitude. That’s the way I’ve been educated.”

Asked about who was to blame for Deportivo’s situation in the league table, Lucas believes, “it’s everyone’s fault. Everyone is partly to blame on an individual level. It’s frustrating watching the game after, at home, and seeing that we’re where we are because of two mistakes. That's football! Because if Borges’ attempt had gone in instead of hitting the crossbar, the game would’ve changed. We can see many games like this, us in the lead, and due to bad luck, we’ve let a lot of points slip away.”

Regarding Sunday’s encounter at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid (4:15 pm, Bein LaLiga), he believes “it’s very difficult. You’re playing against the best players in the world, against one of the best teams in the world.”

However, he did recall that in Real Madrid’s ground “teams from our league, as we tend to say, have won points there. We have to go to the Bernabeu and try to win, try to make points, gain something positive.”

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