Mel: “It was a closed match; a game to draw”

19/03/2017 21:59

RC Deportivo’s coach, Pepe Mel, considers that this afternoon’s match against Celta deserved “a draw”, and he regretted not being able to give “our people” a victory to celebrate.

“We wanted to give our people a victory, but it wasn’t meant to be”. “It was a closed match; a game to draw. Celso failed, Iago got it in”, he evaluated.

Asked about how he felt after the defeat, Mel was honest: “I’m sure the players would’ve preferred to have lost 0-1 against Barcelona and win 2-1 today. The points are the same, but the sensations are different. We would be happier during this break”.

Regarding the upcoming fixtures, Mel recalled that “strength is important in the final sprint, and even more so in the month of April, which is definitive, in every league. And this year, there will be 7 games in April, so it’s necessary for the team to be strong”.

RC Celta’s trainer, Eduardo Berizzo, recalled that it was “part of a tension that has been left in the past” and “if both teams are strong, together we are stronger”. He had words of encouragement for Dépor, and wished us “victories to have a relaxed stay (in first division)”.

Referring to his team’s game, he highlighted “after the week we’ve had,we have shown our power, not just physical but also psychological. Coming out of here with a victory speaks for the team’s psychological maturity”.

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