Mel says it was a hard defeat for many reasons

26/04/2017 23:52

RC Deportivo’s coach, Pepe Mel, was upset with Dépor’s defeat not just because of the result, but also the way it happened. He admitted that the chances of reaching the objective were slipping away, and went on to state “if I have to take Fabril players to Pamplona, I will”.

“It’s a hard defeat because of the result and the way it happened. We based our good work against Atlético and against Barcelona on playing close together, compact, very active, and knowing that when we play against these teams, time is in our favour. If in the first move, everything tips over and time is on your rival’s side, you then play how they want you to play”, he analysed.

He insisted “If we play against Real Madrid and don’t put the same pressure and intensity as them, because you have less quality, you’ll end up losing”.

Mel also admitted he is “quite disappointed in the first twenty minutes of the first half, because it was only a matter of Real Madrid’s error”. The Deportivista coach said “that's why we were able to score the first goal (1-2), and have options of scoring the second. But only twenty minutes; very little time to compete against a big team”.

Asked whether he thought reaching the objective was at risk, Mel was honest: “This is hard for me to say, but yes. We’re going to Pamplona on Sunday and if there’s something that Osasuna do well, it’s compete. We’ve had serious problems in going for loose balls or tackling harder than the Real Madrid players...” he replied.

Along these lines he said, “In the end, we’ve complicated things because we should have sealed this a long time ago. We’re going to Pamplona more anxious than we should be. We’re going to train more anxious tomorrow than we should have to. I have a tremendous job to do tomorrow. It’s all doom and gloom in the dressing room. There are things you can only allow when you have 60 points, not when you have 31. It’s obvious we have to rethink many things; I don’t accept this, and if I have to take Fabril players to Pamplona, I will”.

Asked about the difference between the home game against Barcelona and this one against Real Madrid, he answered, “The team is the actual difference, apart from that, I like Real Madrid B much more than A”.

Pepe Mel finished off saying, “I hope Dépor seal the season soon and that both the Chairman and Richard Barral (the Sports Director), meet up and talk about the future, because there are things we have to improve”.

On the other hand, Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane, was very “happy” with his team’s victory and with “everyone’s performance”.

“I have to be happy with what we’ve done, not just with the goals, but with everyone’s performance. The problem I have is now telling some players who have played the way they have, that they’re not going to play the next game”.

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