Natxo: "This is a difficult moment. We now have to prove what kind of team we are"

10/03/2019 22:33

Natxo González acknowledged in ABANCA-RIAZOR's press room that "it's a difficult moment, the most difficult of the season."

The Deportivista coach went on to say, "to get to where I am, I've had to go through difficult moments personally and professionally. This is a difficult moment. We now have to prove what kind of team we are.".

He explained that the causes were "a bit of everything; individuals' performance which affects the group, having a difficult moment which we hadn't had until now, even though it looks like you're in a difficult moment when you draw. We're now beginning to realise where we are and what we must do to achieve the objective."

He believes the solution lies in "being united, together, supporting one another and convincing ourselves that this continues. There are 13 games left and there is no way we are throwing in the towel. It's really easy when things are fantastic, but now it's a delicate moment, a nice challenge for me as a coach and for the team as a team."

On the other hand, UD Las Palmas coach Pepe Mel, highlighted that tonight's win "is fundamental. Our lads were down and didn't believe in themselves. They'd look at one another and hardly recognised themselves. This is very uplifting."