Navarro and Adrián believe “the team has competed well”

16/09/2017 21:45

Fernando Navarro and Adrián López were the two Branquiazul players that spoke to the press in Estadio Benito Villamarín’s mixed zone.

The European champion understands why people are disappointed, anxious and nervous as they have only gained one point out of the twelve that have been played. However, he pointed out, “this has just begun”.

The Deportivista left-back added, “we need to round off the matches. The way people think is understandable. I’ve been here three years and always at the bottom. This year we’ve begun badly, it’s normal for people to be the way they are”.

Fernando Navarro believes that the team “has competed well and was firm. The only thing that made the difference was the effectiveness”.

Adrián López believes that “it was the small details that determined their win. We also could have won. It’s a pity because we wanted to gain those three points, and if not, one point away is always good”.

The Asturian striker highlighted that “overall, the team performed quite well. In the end, it was the small details that determined Betis’ win”.

Adrián emphasized that “we want to win three points as soon as possible. We have another match soon. We’re the first that want to win a match right away because it gives you energy, it gives you confidence. We want a victory now”.

He admitted that they want to improve the defending aspects: “If you concede few goals, the chances of winning are higher. The whole of the team has to improve in that aspect”.