Our lads are happy with the point achieved against UD Las Palmas

21/01/2017 00:37

Fernando Navarro and goalscorer Florin Andone were the centre of attention in Estadio Gran Canaria’s mixed zone.

The Deportivista left-back acknowledged that “we didn’t start the match well. They controlled us the first 15, 20 minutes. From then on, the team woke up”.

Navarro declared the match was “a game of two halves. Despite their domination, they didn’t have great opportunities. We weren’t able to create chances with a one-man advantage either”.

Florin Andone, who scored tonight’s decisive goal, highlighted, “we did a really bad first half. Las Palmas were much superior to us. And a second half where I believe we reacted; the team’s morale uplifted after we scored the goal, and when one of their players got sent off, we gave it our all to try and win the match”.

The Deportivista top-scorer affirmed that the match “was very difficult. They had a lot of ball possession, they made things quite impossible for us, and we have been lucky to snatch a point”.