Pablo Marí speaks about “a step forward” and Quique about “fighting until the last moment”

13/04/2019 21:03

Pablo Marí and Quique spoke to the press in El Sadar's mixed zone.

Deportivo’s centreback stated that they left “with bad sensations because we began well, we got ahead and in the end, they equalised and won in a situation which we should have given our lives for it not to happen.”

That said, Pablo highlighted that the team “has taken a step forward regarding intensity, willingness, attitude.”

He sets no objectives, “neither play-off nor direct promotion. Everything goes through a general goal, which is returning to First Division. The first objective is tomorrow’s session, correcting things and working.”

Quique Gonzalez stated that CA Osasuna “has a very positive dynamic. They had two opportunities and scored both times. But the only thing we can do is get up, continue and keep fighting until the last moment.”

He confessed that the team are “disappointed because we obviously wanted to win. But as of tomorrow, we have to get up, stick together and fight until the last moment. Take each match as it comes along. We have to give our absolute all in the next fixture and think of nothing else.”