Pepe Mel and Poroto Lux want to see an “intense” Dépor

01/03/2017 21:51

This morning, Pepe Mel assured the press that he is preparing the players “to stop moaning, licking their wounds, and thinking about what has happened. What has happened is that we have 19 points. That’s a fact”.

The Deportivista coach pointed out “what I like most is everyone’s enthusiasm. For me, a football club is not just about the players, they are vital, but I’m talking about the Club. In the 48 hours I’ve been here, Dépor has shown me it’s like a family, magnificent. People take care of one another and that’s worth gold. And I am a person who has been in many clubs”.

Referring to tomorrow’s game against Atlético de Madrid (8:45pm, Bein Sports) and Sunday’s away game against Sporting (12pm, Bein Sports) Mel believes “we have a problem because both Guilherme and Celso have four yellow cards. I have never prepared a match considering the next. Never. But this makes you wonder”.

Pepe Mel wants to see an “intense” Deportivo, where “nobody holds back. If the players are intense and give their 100%, and it results in three of them not being able to play against Gijón, great! It would mean we got a good result, I’m sure of it”.

Pepe Mel is convinced his players “are going to give their all so that I’m happy with their performance and they will show signs of the ideas we tried getting them to grasp yesterday”.

He sees that the players “are keen to contribute, prove themselves, and want to get out of this situation”.

In his opinion, “Dépor is a team that is made for something else. Players seeing themselves stuck there, could be a problem. What I want is for them to react quick enough, so that the end of the season doesn’t become what we think it’s going to be because of the points we have now”.

Poroto Lux also spoke to the press today, and he stated that they have to be “focused, and intense up to the final whistle”.

As he sees it, Gaizka Garitano “is not the only one responsible for this situation where we have 19 points and the numbers are very bad. It’s everyone. From the Head of the Club down to every player”.

He stated “we owe our people, our fans, a lot. We want to be together and be able to carry this through, as I have no doubts that Deportivo will remain in Primera División”.