Pepe Mel: “Losing is normal if you’re not precise in both ends”

24/09/2017 15:23

Pepe Mel stated in RCDE Stadium’s press room, that 4-1 does not reflect “the match that was played. We had phases where we played well, where we reached their box and created goal-scoring opportunities”.

He emphasized that when the result was 2-1, “I heard the stadium whistle. I imagine it was aimed at their team, not us. That means something. It's true that when it was 3-1 they ended doing the wave. But football is about sensations, moments, and we lost ours by wasting the chances we had when it was 2-0, when it was 2-1, and making specific mistakes in their goals”.

He believes that the penalty which practically sealed the match “put a damper on the team's reaction, which you must admit they did react, with a good performance at the beginning of the second-half, with our goal, with other chances we didn’t finish. We stopped believing with the penalty":

However, he did admit that a team “that has conceded 14 goals in 6 fixtures, there’s no doubt where the problem is. Beyond us missing chances. Losing is normal if you’re not precise in both ends. And to top it all, if you make mistakes in your end, it all gets much more complicated”.

Asked about his future, Pepe Mel believes “a coach always focuses on his post. What’s important here is today. This is what today has been. Now, what matters is tomorrow. I occupy myself with what depends on me, with what I can solve".

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