Pepe Mel: “The team we have here is a team eager to do things well”

15/09/2017 13:52

Pepe Mel revealed that there will be at least three changes in Deportivo’s line-up tomorrow at the Estadio Benito Villamarín, against Real Betis (Bein LaLiga). He referred to three players who started against Real Sociedad and have been dropped this week: Pedro Mosquera, Bruno Gama and Sidnei.

Asked about the Brazilian central-defender not making it into the team sheet, Pepe Mel said that, “he’s not at his best right now. We have to recover him. We have to work all aspects with him so that he can perform at the level he has. Sidnei at his best, Sidnei playing like he can, with the potential he has, makes us better. Not just him, everyone else too".

With just over 24 hours to go for the fourth league match, he stated that “Deportivo can physically compete on the same level as the rest, with the individual talent we have. Knowing how to tie them together so that the team is better”.

He restated, “I believe I always put people who score more, people that can do things from the midfield onwards. We then have to form a team with all of them together to be compact. Which is perhaps where we need to improve. We have people like Fede Cartabia, Lucas, Andone, Adrián who are able to reach the box and score. We have to be able to have a team that doesn’t concede nine goals in three games”.

He highlighted that “the team we have here is a team eager to do things well. They also know that their professional pride, their contracts, and their nearby future is at stake. We have to focus on Betis, on playing, on the ball”.

Pepe Mel faces a week with three matches (Betis tomorrow, Alavés on Wednesday 20th at the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR, and Espanyol on Sunday 24th) “thinking about the first, because it’s the one that gives us life. Thinking about the first because of the previous results. If we had made nine points out of nine, I’m sure the decisions would be different. But we only made one point, so we’re not thinking of anything else but the next one. It’s the match that contributes or extracts something from us to begin the week”.

The Benito Villamarín visit in Seville, for Dépor’s coach “is not your everyday match. It would be absurd. It’s a very special match for me. I was there for many years. It’s the first time I go back after being their coach for six years. I did good things, and I’ve lived bad moments too. I know the atmosphere, the noise, the sound, but it’s a strange sensation because it will be against my team. It’s marked by the fact I have many, many, many friends there, and they all want me to lose”.

Regarding Betis, he believes “they have a defined playing style. It’s built from the summer to reach as high as possible. A team that is always historically in debt with the fans who are always ahead. A team that needs once and for all to be in the top positions fighting with those at the top. With their budget and their expenses, Betis can do it”.

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