Seedorf: “There is only one way, being united”

05/04/2018 21:41

At the ABANCA-RIAZOR press room, Clarence Seedorf said that to get out of this situation, “there is only one way, being united. And continue fighting strongly together to achieve it. I’m convinced that the atmosphere is going to be like that tomorrow.”

The Dutch coach pointed out that the Branquiazul supporters “are able to create special atmospheres. We need their support.”

Furthermore, he is convinced that “the majority of Dépor supporters believe, have faith. That word has a lot to do with this region. I haven’t met anyone on the street that doesn’t have faith, doesn’t believe. Everyone believes. Then there are people that are more pessimistic, like life itself.”

He highlighted that “mathematically, there’s a huge possibility of getting out of this situation.”

Nonetheless, he acknowledged that the situation the team is in “is a psychological burden, that weighs you down. What I love about this group is their strength; after all the defeats or matches they could’ve won and ended up drawing, they haven’t given up or thrown in the towel. They move on and we’re all carrying on.”

Asked about Malaga, tomorrow’s rival at the ABANCA-RIAZOR (9 pm, Bein LaLiga), he believes that they are still “very alive. They have dangerous players up front. We have to respect every team the same way. We’ve probably found it more difficult against teams that on paper were supposedly easier.”

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