Sidnei and Andone reflect the happiness in Dépor's dressing room

06/12/2016 00:46

Today, our captain Sidnei and top scorer Florin Andone, took time to speak to the press in Riazor.

The Brazilian central defender said he was happy "For the team's victory. We knew the importance of this game, and I'm happy to have scored my first goal with Deportivo."

He explained the celebration of the fifth goal, with all the players bundled together on the bench, because "we know how hard we work to achieve the kind of match we’ve played today."

He recalls that in the previous games "we were doing a good job but the results were not being reflected".

After scoring a brace tonight, Florin Andone said that "our fans who have always supported us, and will carry on doing so until the end of the season, deserved a victory like this one. I think the team has played a fantastic match".

He stated that personally "I'm very happy because players, in my case strikers, live off goals. I am very happy to be going through a positive streak".

According to Andone, the celebration of the fifth goal as a group is because "we are a united team, a small family. We deserved to win. We have deserved to win many games, but unfortunately football turned its back on us."