The Branquiazuis recommend “humility” and “taking each match as it comes along”

24/09/2018 23:44

Quique Gonzalez, tonight’s brace scorer, and Carlos Fernandez spoke to the press at the ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

Our number 7 confessed he was “very happy” with his performance against Granada, but he recalled that “this has just begun. Humility above all, and let that serve us in the future, that this is the path.”

Quique thanked the ovation he received from the fans: “I’m super grateful. Quique is here to contribute. On a personal level I’m scoring. I will carry on working the same way to try and improve, always being very ambitious. I’m here to contribute and help my teammates. Dépor is what’s important, and what’s important is making 3 points after another 3. We're 11 plus the ones on the bench and the ones ruled out. They're very important because they turn on the screws during the training sessions to try and play. There is a huge competitiveness in this squad. Nobody can relax.”

Carlos Fernandez was also very happy despite not having scored, he remains down to earth: “This division is very long, very equal. You can see that in the results. Alcorcon win 0-2 in Cadiz. It’s a tough tier. Each game is going to be a completely different match. We must take each week and match as they come along. We’d be making a mistake if we didn’t think like that.”

He was happy that both matches at the ABANCA-RIAZOR “were the best two matches we’ve played. It’s important to engage our fans, our people, because they also deserve it, with 3 consecutive games away, with the works being finished... It’s important that they go home with good and positive sensations. And above all, gain points and victories. It’s what gives you energy to face each week.”