“The championships are long and we’re all going to need one another”, warned Pepe Mel

25/08/2017 20:31

Pepe Mel said that on Saturday, at the Ciutat de València, Deportivo will be facing a very motivated Levante that are going through a good and positive stage.

He confirmed that Rubén will be the goalkeeper: “What he has to think, is that the coach put him on against Real Madrid and that the coach is going to put him on against Levante. There’s no more proof of our confidence in him than that. He has to prove what a good goalkeeper he is. I’m sure he’ll do it. The same as Tytoń, Albentosa...They are not playing at the moment, and what they have to do is step up a gear, train well, like they’re doing. If footballers train well and are fit to play, you want to win and so you choose”.

Along these lines, he sent a message to his squad: “I need everyone to work and give their all. The championships are long and we’re all going to need one another. In the end, a team like Dépor doesn’t achieve things with 13 or 14 players. They are achieved with many more”.

He also stated, “if you want to do a good season, the only way to achieve this is for the team to have the same characteristics away as at home. Otherwise, it’s very difficult”.

The Deportivista coach supported this idea with “an overwhelming fact: Out of 57 games (away from the Estadio ABANCA-RIAZOR) in the last seasons in first division, Dépor have only won 7. This is a negative fact against us, that we have to improve”.

Therefore, tomorrow in Valencia, he urges the team “to continue the same way as the start of the league, with the same vibes against Real Madrid. And now we have to go one step further in many things to gain points".

He also spoke about Carles Gil’s injury, who had to stop before the session had ended due to pain in his groin, and is waiting to be seen by the Club's doctors: “We’re a bit gobsmacked. We all like him and we want him to be with us as soon as possible because he is a magnificent footballer whom the Club have bet strongly on. We want him to be with us. Let’s see what the doctors say. You know he didn’t have the all-clear, therefore, these are things that could happen, that the player’s sidelined longer”.

Asked about Lucas Pérez, the Deportivista coach was blunt: “I’m not going to talk any more. It’s not worth it. I’m concerned about the ones that are here because the competition has already begun. It would be different if the competition hadn’t started. But it has begun. The ones I have here are the ones that solve or don’t solve things. I have complete faith in them”.

He even joked about the matter with the press:

Journalist: “But nobody dislikes a sweet, I suppose”.

Mel: “But the sweet is in the sweet shop. It’s not here”.

Precisely referring to the transfer window, Pepe Mel thinks it is “completely absurd for it to be open when the competition is already under way. I’m answering questions about possible signings and exits when we have a very important match tomorrow. That wears you out and doesn’t let you focus on what’s truly important. Right now, I’m only concerned about the 18 that are going to Valencia tomorrow, that have already been chosen, because they are the only ones that can beat Levante”.

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