The dressing room believes Dépor deserved another result because "we had the clearest chances"

12/02/2018 23:48

Juanfran and Adrian, who wore the Captain’s armband, were the centre of attention in ABANCA-RIAZOR's mixed zone.

The Branquiazul right-back stated "there’s no other way but to pick ourselves up. It’s a very complicated season. We have to carry on. The team had a different attitude, we were in the game. Betis are a complicated rival, who play possession very well, they play football very well. They generated very few chances and in a cross that rebounds on one of our players, they scored. We have to carry on working and keep on believing."

He believes there is nothing to say to the fans: "We have to work and talk on the pitch. We cannot say anything else here."

The Deportivista defender saw a change of attitude in the team: "Last week we lost 5-0 against a team that wasn’t doing well either. Today, we played against a team that had very clear ideas, who played football very well. The team was strong, and we had clear opportunities to draw. If we had taken the lead it wouldn’t have been unfair because we had very clear chances."

Finally, regarding the upcoming fixture on Saturday agaist Alaves in Mendizorroza (6:30, Bein LaLiga), Juanfran highlighted, "all the games are crucial now. We have to go out an win every match. We cannot let any match slip."

Adrian Lopez also recalled "we played against a good rival, who maintains possession a lot, and who made us run after them. They didn’t create much danger, we defended quite well. They hardly created goal-scoring opportunities; on the contrary, we had many more chances than them. We lost, but it could’ve been another result."

Along these lines he emphasized, "we were slightly unlucky up front. We had many more chances than them. They made us run a lot. I think they’re a top team that play well. They scored one goal in which the ball rebounded on someone and ended up in a better position for the striker. We were unlucky."

The Asturian striker admitted, "we need to win. It’s obvious that the more fixtures we play the more we need to win. Let’s hope this changes. We have to carry on working. The team did quite well today. We have to carry on. We have another match, we have to prepare it well and try to win there."

He understands the fans’ anger: "They want the team to win, just like we do. It’s obvious we need a victory, it’s what we’re after. We’re working for it. We have to carry on. Analysing the way the game went, they had the ball, they made us run and the ended up beating us. We had many more chances than them."

Adrian promised Deportivista fans, "we are going to continue working, we are going to improve. It’s obvious we have to improve. We’ve only had a week with Clarence. We have to carry on working and keep on improving things. We have to give them something to be happy about for them to keep on supporting us. We know that as soon as we win things will change. We have to carry on."