The lads are satisfied with a draw, yet they are already thinking about Gijón.

02/03/2017 23:50

Celso Borges and Alex Bergantiños spoke to the press in Riazor’s mixed zone.

The Costa Rica international pointed out “anything that gets us points is very positive. We have to maintain the group’s spirit”.

Regardin Sunday’s game against Sporting in Gijón (12pm, Bein Sports), Borges thinks “we have to face these fixtures, without excuses. We are professionals, we know what this means. I hope there will be lots of people watching Deportivo in Gijón”.

According to the Deportivista midfielder, the key is to be “mentally stable. To not be influenced. To neither go in very hot no very cold. The two extremes are complicated. If we keep a balanced mind, in our way of seeing the game, I think we will have very good options”.

The team’s skipper, Alex Bergantiños, described the moment the incident which ended with Fernando Torres having to be taken to the HM Modelo hospital in A Coruña: “It was scary when I saw him fall unconscious. Thankfully, I’m being told that the test results are ok. I will visit him later to see how he is. I tried jumping as noble as I could, our heads collided. He was facing the other way so he wasn’t expecting it. It was accidental. The most important thing is that they’ve told me he’s ok”.

Referring to his comeback he said “I’m very grateful to everyone. I’ve always received support from the public. I’m very grateful to everyone who has been concerned about me. I’m thankful to the fans and I hope that this carries on this way because I think we’ve recovered that flair we need from here to the end”.

He classed Sunday’s game against Sporting as “fundamental. A rival that’s in the same fight as us and we’re going to play at their ground. It’s going to be a difficult match”.

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