The lads were happy and self-critical in the mixed zone

14/05/2017 23:41

Florin Andone, Carles Gil, and Poroto Lux spoke to the press in Villarreal’s mixed zone.

Florin Andone confessed that the draw made them “feel relieved” having secured their spot in ‘Primera’: “We're happy, we're relieved”.

However, Dépor’s top scorer did mention to the press that “the season hasn’t gone very well, but the good thing is we’re safe, one more year in ‘Primera’”.

Carles Gil said “it’s a very happy day. We knew that strange circumstances could arise, that’s why we tried going for the victory. The way the match went, they closed us in at the back. We managed not to give Villarreal any space and we’re very happy.

The Deportivista forward highlighted that “it was one of the games where the forwards, and me personally, hardly touched the ball. We knew it had to be that way. The boss had drummed it into our head He’s been insisting on it all week”.

Finally, one of the captains, Poroto Lux, stated that “the team has drained itself out today, because it was a tough rival. They controlled the ball all the time. We had to defend well and wait to see if we had a counter or a dead-ball situation. We had a few chances”.

The keeper said he was “happy to have achieved this insufferable objective. Unfortunately, we could have achieved it earlier. The season hasn’t been good at all”.


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