08/12/2016 00:00

RC Deportivo has the great pleasure of welcoming you to a new era. An era closer than ever to its passion, its pride and its distinguishing sentiment. Welcome to RCDEPORTIVO.ES, the Club's brand new website; a present for our 110th anniversary to all the Deportivistas out there. 110 years with the same passion, pride, and distinguishing sentiment.

At this time one century and decade ago, #OSNOSOS (Our Lads), ran onto the pitch for the very first time. This is why we have chosen this precise moment to share with you all the Club's information. Whether you are interested in the First Team, Ladies Team, the Youth Academy, social events, buying tickets, or if you want to become a member, it's all here. You may even learn about our past, and how everything began on the 8th of December, 1906.

Although RC Deportivo was officially established on the 9th of January, 1907, its beginnings go back to 1906, where they played various friendly matches as Club Deportivo de la Sala Calvet (a prestigious gym in Calle Galera). Its first team was formed by Salvador Fojón; Venancio Deus, Juan Long; Ángel Rodríguez, Manuel Álvarez, Daniel Aler; Juan Manuel López, Félix de Paz, Virgilio Rodríguez, Pedro Martínez Urioste and José Rodríguez, who beat Coruña on the 8th of December, 1906. A few years later, Club Deportivo de la Sala Calvet changed its name to what its known as today. 

On that 8th of December, a flame was lit, and it now burns brighter than ever. From now on, that flame will be closer to the spark that set it off.