A Coruña city has always been a pioneer in the world of sport, even more so with football, especially with its summer tournaments. RC Deportivo, in collaboration with various administrations, has organized up to three preseason tournaments. Among them, is one of the oldest in the World of football; the traditional, still present Teresa Herrera Trophy which dates back to 1946. Further on, the Conde de Fenosa Trophy was held, and although it had a short lifespan, it brought some of the world's top players from the 70's to Riazor. Finally, the Juan Acuña Trophy, which was celebrated over two decades in tribute to one of the most legendary players in the Club's history.

A Coruña's passion for football was, and still is evident. A city which not only has produced and still produces fantastic players, but also enjoyed and enjoys watching the best players in the world thanks to these three events. A friendly and festive atmosphere that goes well beyond a sports competition.